periodic patreon thankyou <3

I’ve gotten a few messages lately like “I had no idea you had a patreon!” which just goes to show that mentioning something on social media every month or two only feels like spamming to you and nobody else notices. Anyway, yes I have one! It’s pay-what-you-want, no tiers, all access to everything for whatever you feel like tossing into the hat. I could definitely use, and absolutely appreciate, the support, but the most important thing to me is to make sure the stuff I put on there is as accessible as possible. I don’t want to hide all the goodies behind a series of paywalls.

Somehow I’ve had this thing running since the summer of 2018 and not run out of stuff to put on there! It’s where all my book extras and tie-ins and character/worldbuilding stuff I couldn’t fit into books live. There are deleted scenes and alternate endings and just an unholy mess of Easter eggs. I wrote up a bunch of the myths from the Archivist Wasp books on there, and am serializing a novella about 06 and 22 at age twelve running away from Stellaxis HQ and having an Adventure which is an homage to The Boxcar Children, a book I loved when I was five or so. And it’s got the first few chapters of the third and final Archivist Wasp book, tentatively titled Catchkeep, which will probably be drafted in its entirety on there eventually. It’s also where I put drafts of stories and chapters of books in progress and whatever randomness I’m working on at the time.

Anyway, thanks a ton for your support! It’s a source of constant amazement that anyone’s interested enough in my stuff to want to see it in its super messy in-progress form, but it’s also kinda neat. <3

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