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LATCHKEY sample chapters!

Monday, March 19th, 2018

First two sample chapters of LATCHKEY are now live! (Because people have been asking me — all preorder links are now also live here EXCEPT the one for Amazon, which is coming VERY SOON.)

I hope you enjoy — I had a ton of fun coming back to this world and working with these characters again. 🙂

LATCHKEY! (Archivist Wasp #2)

Monday, March 12th, 2018

So here’s a thing I’ve been working on for a while now.

There’s a long story behind this one — it’s kind of a long story in and of itself, at least compared to Archivist Wasp — but the short version is that I wrote AW originally as a standalone but realized pretty much immediately that I needed to work more with those characters. So I did. Latchkey was drafted (messily!) before AW was released, but it took a lot more work before it was ready. More work than I’ve ever put into a single book. Turns out that sequels are really, really hard.

It’s a bigger book than Archivist Wasp. There are more characters, more action scenes, more depth, more stuff. It took about a year to draft, and then three more years on and off to really get it to a place where I was pleased with it. I had a ton of fun expanding Wasp’s world, and I hope it shows.

Doesn’t that cover kick ass? Art by the incomparable Jacquelin de Leon. Go check out her stuff, it’s amaaaazing. Here’s her website, instagram, twitter, and store.

Here’s some people who liked the book.

“Fierce, blazing, brilliant. The mythic and brutal world of Nicole Kornher-Stace’s Latchkey is so richly realized, you don’t step into it, you fall.”
—Jacqueline West, New York Times–bestselling author of The Books of Elsewhere

Latchkey is the opposite of escapist: it is, instead, horror for people with the courage to benefit from beholding actual horrors. Building on the deeply-realized Archivist Wasp, in Latchkey we are given a world even more fallen and brutal, for now even the old order of the archivists is broken. Here, when heroes are hurt, they stay hurt; here, the survivors must endure trauma without the words to describe it; here, knowledge itself is both deeply suspect and humanity’s only hope. History itself, embodied by blood-hungry ghosts, by turns cannibalizes the living and provides the only way forward. And yet, for all the loss and bodily pain, Latchkey shows us the power of community and the worth, greater than diamonds, of courage. Cathartic, feminist, explosively imaginative and masterfully played out, Kornher-Stace gives us a second-world fantasy that transports our minds while, time and again, it emotionally arrives.”
—Carlos Hernandez, author of Sal and Gabi Break the Universe

“What a great read! This surreal dreamscape of a book delves deeper into the unique world of the Andre Norton Award finalist Archivist Wasp, continuing a resilient heroine’s unusual friendship with a super-soldier ghost amid a far-future dystopia they both struggle to survive and understand.”
—Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger and Breath of Earth

“Nicole Kornher-Stace’s Latchkey is a little like retracing a war veteran’s scars with a scalpel and asking, ‘So. Does this hurt more than the original?’ It does, of course. Hurts good, hurts deep, this almost-familiar world that bleeds right into ours, where the only thing fiercer than ferocity is tenderness—though both talk equally as tough. After reading Latchkey, one starts seeing ruins superimposed over currently thriving structures. Every struggling patch of city lawn becomes a garden of ghost grass; every breezy puff of leftover winter holds the possibility of frostbite and vertigo and seeing the face of a long-lost friend once more. Has there ever been such longing, fueled by such darkness and adrenaline? Has there ever been such satisfaction, and at such a cost?”
—C. S. E. Cooney, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Bone Swans

“Nicole Kornher-Stace’s Latchkey is a completely unique and enthralling story. A blend of fantasy, paranormal and more that defies categorization, I couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended!”
—Jennifer Brody, award-winning author of The 13th Continuum

More blurbs and stuff as I have them! Meanwhile, preorder info here.