about me

Nicole Kornher-Stace lives in New Paltz, NY, with her family. Her books include the adult SFF thriller¬†Firebreak, often comped with Ready Player One but more accurately described as “if a big splashy action movie had a baby with a Rage Against the Machine album;” the Norton Award finalist¬†Archivist Wasp (Small Beer Press/Big Mouth House, 2015) and its sequel Latchkey (Mythic Delirium, 2018), which are about a far-future postapocalyptic ghosthunter, the ghost of a near-future supersoldier, and their adventures in the underworld; and the middle-grade space adventure Jillian vs. Parasite Planet, in which an 11-year-old girl with anxiety has to team up with a sentient nanobot swarm against a planet full of deadly mind-controlling parasites.

You can find her on Twitter @wirewalking, where she is probably semicoherently yelling about board games, video games, hiking, fictional representation of strong platonic relationships, good books she’s read recently, or her cat.

She is represented by Kate McKean at Morhaim Literary Agency.