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Readercon schedule

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Friday July 11

11:00 AM G Drift-Compatibile Fictional Characters. Amal El-Mohtar, Victoria Janssen, Nicole Kornher-Stace (leader), A. J. Odasso, Navah Wolfe. The film Pacific Rim created the idea of two people who are “drift-compatible,” able to live inside each other’s minds and memories without sustaining massive psychic damage. Let’s use this as a metaphor to explore our favorite speculative fiction duos—whether they’re friends, traveling companions, siblings, or spouses—and talk about what makes those deeply intimate pairings work.

3:00 PM ENL How We Wrote Get in Trouble and Archivist Wasp. Nicole Kornher-Stace, Kelly Link. Kelly Link and Nicole Kornher-Stace converse about how they created their recent works: Link’s collection Get in Trouble and Kornher-Stace’s first YA novel, Archivist Wasp. Link’s book of stories for adults continues her explorations of myth and human relationships, while Kornher-Stace’s novel (published by Link’s Big Mouth House) explores what happens when the underpinnings of myths are discovered in a society where those myths still matter very, very much. The two will discuss their work and their strategies for writing.

Saturday July 12

12:00 PM ENV Reading: Nicole Kornher-Stace. Nicole Kornher-Stace.
Nicole Kornher-Stace reads from the sequel-in-progress to her post-apocalyptic descent-into-the-underworld novel ARCHIVIST WASP (Small Beer, May 2015).

Sunday July 13

10:00 AM E Autographs. Toni Kelner, Nicole Kornher-Stace.