it’s a book! a real book!

3 years of telling myself i wasn’t good enough to write this goddamn thing, a year shopping it around to publishers, bunch of time in edits, release delayed by another year, mystery package on my doorstep out of nowhere and…….it’s a fucking book o.o

you can’t tell from the pic but the qr code “stickers” on the front and spine are a different texture than the rest of the dustjacket, i’ve never seen textural detail quite like this before and it’s suuuuper neat! also i’m in love with the cover blurb.

also, it just picked up a starred booklist review! just over a month now to publication, so here’s the obligatory yet mercifully brief reminder that preorders are the #1 way to help a book survive, possibly especially in the hellscape of 2020-2021. support your local indie bookseller if you can!!

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