flight & anchor is out in the world!

it’s always so strange when something that just recently was a tiny kernel of a “wouldn’t it be funny if i wrote this” sort of an idea is suddenly now a book that exists in libraries and bookstores in the real world.

with a killer cover and blurbs, no less.

it’s got great reviews from publishers weekly and library journal, as well as all these other shiny folks:

as i’ve said before, i wrote it for the fans of 06 & 22, so if you want more of those guys, this is the novella for you. it’s available in indie bookstores and libraries as we speak–and remember, if your library doesn’t carry it (or any book you’re interested in) putting in a request for them to carry it is one of the most effective low-effort zero-cost ways to support books and authors you enjoy 🙂

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