new book? new book

those of you who follow my patreon may remember when i was drafting a story about twelve-year-old 06 and 22 and their daring escape from stellaxis to have a(n) (mis)adventure in a shipping container in a vacant lot, in blatant homage to the boxcar children, an extremely influential book of my very young childhood. (i’d still like to live in the woods in an old train car, if i’m honest.)

anyway, it ended up doing a lot more character work heavy lifting than expected, and it ties in stuff not only from firebreak, obviously, but also archivist wasp, latchkey, and jillian vs. parasite planet. (yes, even the middle-grade book. stop looking at me like that, it made sense in my head.)

anyway, it’s gonna be a book! and preorders are open!

i had a ton of fun with this one and i very much hope you enjoy. <3

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