big big thanks to my patreon supporters!!

Somehow my Patreon is ONE (1) supporter away from 100! Thank you so much to my supporters old and new! When I set this up back in…2017? 2018? with the aim of filling it up with a ton of extras for a couple of books that hardly anyone had heard of, I thought I might get five supporters, ten max? So this is amazing and helps me justify spending the time to write patreon-only exclusive tie-ins, which I’ve been doing on there for quite a while now. That’s where you’ll find the myths mentioned in the Archivist Wasp books written up in their entirety, as well as the draft-in-progress of the third Archivist Wasp book, an extremely long tie-in novella about 06 & 22 at age 12, deleted scenes from all my books, etc etc etc.

In case you didn’t know, the whole thing is no tiers, pay-what-you-want for access to everything, because it’s a big goal of mine to make as much of my stuff as accessible as possible.

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