new book sale! my first middle grade!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while, but! I sold my first attempt at middle grade!

This book is about:

–a protag with anxiety

–mind-control parasites

–portal-based space travel

–a snarky, cartoon-addicted, shapeshifting nanobot cloud

–an Unlikely Alliance because hello of course


I wrote it with my son in mind (he has severe anxiety and I got tired of the standard fictional representation of anxiety = shy. It’s so not true.) but I wanted the protagonist to be a girl because we could use more girl protagonists in SF, possibly especially for kids! So I asked him if I could write him as a girl, and he, being amazing, was ALL IN.

So that (along with Firebreak, due out from Saga in Summer 2021) means I’LL HAVE TWO BOOKS OUT NEXT YEAR. If they’re half as much to read as they were to write, I’ll count that as a total win.

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